Breakfast - The Most Important Meal of the Day


Without question, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Unfortunately, many people skip breakfast or eat foods with empty calories. 

So what's so special about breakfast?

Well, foods eaten at breakfast serves as fuel for the rest of the day.  Think of your body as similar to a car, if you don’t gas up your car, how can you expect it to run and get you places?

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I'm astonished by the number of people who do not eat breakfast or eat an unhealthy and unbalanced breakfast on a regular basis.  Skipping breakfast can cause headaches, irritability, lack of focus and concentration, blood sugar issues, brain fog and may be the reason for your cravings later on in the day.  So, one of the best things you can do for your body is eat a balanced breakfast.   

While this applies to all, it is that much more important for those who are physically active, exercise or a growing athlete who expends copious amounts of energy training and playing in sports.  

If you skip breakfast, grab a late lunch, exercise and train on fumes, devour dinner and snack on junk food until bedtime - you are not only robbing your body of nutrients needed for good health, you are also robbing yourself of energy needed for your active lifestyle, not to mention the energy needed to perform during workouts, sport training and playing sessions.

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Why is breakfast essential?

First let's look at what breakfast means.  Breakfast simply refers to breaking the fast from your last meal or snack.  Many people believe that because they were sleeping, they do not need to refuel their bodies. While you were sleeping, your body is preparing, restoring and detoxifying itself from the days internal processes and external stresses.  A meal at breakfast simply refuels your body after fasting, and fuels you for the day ahead.

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What can breakfast do for you?

Breakfast, when combined with a good hydration plan, can help you:

  • balance your blood sugar levels
  • promote good health
  • increase your energy levels
  • jumpstart your metabolism
  • manage your weight
  • improve your concentration
  • boost your sports performance
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Everyone needs to eat balanced meals

A balanced meal simply means that you combine the right amount of macronutrients: proteins, carbohydrates (complex or non-starchy & starchy carbs), vitamins, minerals and fibre to get all the nutrients you need for good health.  By eating the correct combination of macronutrients, and not too much or too little of anything, you give your body the right fuel to grow, replenish, repair and strengthen. 

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I find that most diets need fine-tuning when it comes to eating balanced meals.  

How does your diet measure up?  Do you include all 3 macronutrients every time you eat?  Do you eat enough fruits and vegetables to fuel your body every day?

You contribute to your overall health by eating a protein, carbohydrate and fat at every meal and snack.  It's the one recommendation in almost every food plan, every nutrition course and every fitness book - eat 7-10 servings of fruits, vegetables every day. 

As most of us do not eat nearly enough fruits and vegetables, at least not every day, almost everyone can enjoy added nutritional benefits by supplementing with Juice Plus as a simple and convenient way to add more nutrition to your diet every day.  Juice Plus is whole food based nutrition, including juice powder concentrates from 30 – that’s right 30 different fruits, vegetables, berries and grains.  

Bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat with Juice Plus and strive to include fruits and veggies at every meal and snack.  Breakfast counts too!  Try berries on your yogurt or frozen spinach in your scrambled eggs. 

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Having a tricky time making breakfast a reality?

Many of us are pressed for time in the mornings, finding it hard to live a balanced life given our busy lifestyle – trying to balance work, school, sports and other responsibilities including family and friends.  I get it!  Though starting your day with a healthy breakfast may not be as hard as you think. 

Check out these tips that can make your morning food routine a manageable one, giving you a way to jump start your day in the best possible way.

  • Use leftovers - last night's dinner can be revisited and reheated for your breakfast meal.
  • Set the stage - decide the night before what you'll have for breakfast.  Determine the ingredients needed, get out the dry goods, as well as any bowls, utensils and any equipment or pans needed.  This allows you to be ready to make your breakfast the next morning.
  • Freezer Smoothies - gather all your veggies and fruit ingredients ahead of time in pre-packed bags that you can keep in your freezer.  Just add your liquid and Juice Plus protein powder for a take on-the-go breakfast option.
  • Cook ahead - make breakfast the night before.  In the morning, simply grab it and go.

Here  are some breakfast resources you may find useful: healthy breakfast options and breakfast ideas you can make the night before to help you make breakfast a reality.

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The bottom line is that eating balanced meals, including breakfast works wonders for improving the quality of your diet.  If you find that veggies and fruits are missing from your diet or you are not getting the recommended 7-10 servings per day, bridge to gap between what you should eat and what you do eat with Juice Plus.  Give your body the fuel it needs to live a busy life – enhance your daily energy levels, weight control, sports performance and future health.  Your body will thank you!