As a Brain Fitness Specialist, Nutritionist and Health Educator, I've assisted many children and adults transform learning and health challenges into strengths, offering them an opportunity to learn and grow so that they are able to enjoy life more fully.

Brain Fitness

I believe knowledge is power and should be shared.  Education based support is most effective for health and wellness.  Knowing what you are doing and why you are doing it, allows for making better decisions about your health, learning and functional abilities. Make your health a reality because we all deserve to enjoy life more fully.

I believe we have a responsibility to take an active role in managing our health, because if we don't work on our health, no one else will.  Having challenges with sensory processing, difficulties in school and managing behaviour or finding it hard to rebuild health after an injury?  Getting healthy doesn't have to be so hard and is easier than you think.

I believe health comes from the inside out.  Everyone wants to look and feel great in their body, learn faster and easier, move with ease and recover from injury quickly.  With the right guidance and support, overcoming learning and health challenges and building brain and body health can be achieved by taking care of what's inside your body.

Thanks to the science of neuroplasticity, we understand that the brain has the capacity to change and form new neural connections (brain maps) for improved function and cognitive abilities. A missing, weak or damaged link in Central Nervous System may go unnoticed and impact a person’s ability to enjoy life fully. Difficulties learning at school, business or performing in sports, inability to manage emotions, balance and coordination disturbances, vision and body function problems, poor focus and concentration and more.

Integrated primitive reflexes and well-developed senses are the building blocks of human development and are needed to build motor skills, physical health, manage emotions and makes learning easy.

I know you feel frustrated from being able to live life fully and don’t know where to start when it comes to overcoming learning, mobility and health challenges or recover from an injury. With all the information and advice about health and wellness, it is difficult to understand and make sense of it all.

I know finding relief from learning and health complaints can be exhausting, takes time and commitment. I've been there and know it's easier to build a healthy brain and body with guidance and support.

After seeing the tremendous effect training the brain has had on my health and the benefits my clients have achieved: improved reading, writing and math, increased confidence and self-esteem, happier moods, reduced anxiety, better at sports, faster recovery after injury and stroke, I wanted to share how training the brain gives you the ability to overcome learning and health challenges so you are able to lead a life of more. 

A little bit more about Brain Fitness...

Brain Fitness is more that you imagine!  It sharpens your mind, activates your brain allowing you to do every day tasks easier and better.  It is an innovative, neuro-development movement-based program that uses Brain Gym®, Vision Gym, Touch For Health™ , Primary Reflex Movement Patterns and other modalities to target, synchronize and build brain maps between the brain and body, often bringing about rapid and dramatic improvements in academics and daily life. . 

The program uses principles and techniques rooted in alternative care; applied kinesiology, chiropractic, acupuncture, acupressure, osteopathy, psychology, developmental optometry, touch and massage.

Brain Fitness is a great tool to improve your health and enhance your quality of life!

Brain Fitness movements relieves stress and re-educates the brain and body, anchors new experiences into memory, integrates reflexes and sensory information, develops the senses, strengthens and builds brain maps, improving the way the brain communicates, processes and organizes information between the brain and the body.

A strong communication highway between the brain and the body promotes the development of the Central Nervous System, allowing you to learn easier, recover from injury faster and function with ease, whether for school, business, athletics or personal development.


Who benefits from Brain Fitness?

Children, adults, seniors and individuals with special needs who wish to strengthen their physical, mental and emotional state of well being whether for school, work or play.  Successfully manage and improve reading, writing and math, stress, anxiety and mood disorders, balance and co-ordination, focus, concentration and memory, rebuild health after stroke or injury, learn faster and easier, enhance sports performance, improve vision, boost your confidence, self-esteem and more...

I believe health is achievable by taking an active role in self-care.

I believe knowledge is power and should be shared.

I believe health comes from the inside out.

Make health a reality, manifest your best and reach your full potential because we all deserve to learn easier, recovery from injury faster, look and feel great!