+ What alkaline based product kit is used on the program?**

The program was developed using (incorporates) Essante Organics products - Earth Greens, Super Reds, Bee Naturals, pH Alkalizing drops, pH test strips and these products are used throughout the 21 Day Detox Program.

The Earth Greens and Super Reds are organic, wild crafted, highly concentrated, alkaline, raw, live and ionically charged - making them the most bio-available whole-food based powders on the market. The daily serving of Earth Greens is equivalent to 16.5 lbs of green vegetation, while Super Reds powder provides 5.5 lbs of antioxidants daily. Bee Naturals contain every nutrient known to sustain life, while the pH drops neutralizes acidity and raises the pH value of the liquids you drink and therefore your body.

+ What is the cost of the alkaline based products and supplies needed for the program? How do I order the RED, GREEN MY BODY IS CLEAN - Essante Value Package #928?**

The RED GREEN MY BODY IS CLEAN - Essante Value Package #928 includes: 1 container each of Earth Green and Super Red powders, 2 bottles of Bee Naturals, 1 bottle of Supreme pH drops, pH test strips and a lifetime wholesale membership - for $199 US. The Essante Value Package #928 is purchased separately through a 3rd party provider.

Follow these steps to purchase the Essante Value Package #928 – Red Green my Body is Clean Package:

Copy and paste this link www.EssanteOrganics.com/on2health into your URL

Click Join and Save (Blue button top right corner)

Click Compare Benefits

Click Brand Partner

Fill in personal Info (you are not obligated to give your taxID, you can fill in the space with any number combination until the space is filled) Choose the RED GREEN MY BODY IS CLEAN PACKAGE

+ What equipment do I need?**

You will need an juicer or a blender. If you already have these tools on hand - fantastic! If not, check your stores locally or ask your family and friends is they have any of these items, and see if you could borrow it for the detox.

Alternatively, here are some suggestions to find them online.

Breville Juicer


+ What Self Care supplies do I need?**

If you currently have some of the supplies needed for self care, please use what you have on hand or check out your local health food store. Alternatively, here are some suggestions to find them online.

Coconut Oil

Copper Tongue Scraper

Dry Skin Brush

Detox Bath Ingredients

Epsom Salt

Himalayan Salt

Baking Soda (non-aluminum)

Dandy Blend Coffee Substitute

Dandy Blend 14.0 oz bag or Dandy Blend 2 lb bag

Castor Oil Pack

Organic Castor Oil

Wool Flannel or Oja Flannel

Enema Kits

Enema Bucket or Enema Bag

Organic Dark Roast Coffee

Feel free to source the equipment and supplies locally.