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Iodine and Your Health


Iodine that's for the thyroid, right?

Not only is it needed for your thyroid - every cell and tissue in your body needs iodine. The parts of the body that suffer the most from iodine deficiency (besides breast and thyroid) are your skin, eyes, and reproductive organs.

Unfortunately, the body does not make iodine and it's a rare element with only small amounts found in people's diet; making most people deficient. Unless, we're eating bushels of sea vegetables a day, increasing your iodine intake is vital to improving your health.

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Get educated about:

  • Benefits and medicinal effects of iodine

  • Iodine deficiency signs

  • Why are more people experiencing iodine deficiency?

  • Recommendations to counter the effects of iodine loss

  • Why supplement with Lugols Iodine?

  • Art Pharma®  Lugols Iodine – How many milligrams per drop?

  • Recommended Daily Allowance

  • How much Lugols Iodine do I need to take?

  • Lugols Iodine Protocol

  • Nutrient support for Lugols Iodine supplementation

  • The detoxification process

  • Many ways to use Lugols Iodine

  • Iodine Patch Test

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Supplement with Lugols Iodine and get ready to change your health.

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Anne Chaplinsky, CNP

Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Brain Fitness Specialist, Health Educator


Creator of the Nutrition 101 Crash Course and your Shred10Coach