Meet Anne and on2health

My practice, on2health Consulting Services Inc, offers nutrition programs, clean eating challenges, supplements, natural health products and in-home brain fitness (sensory motor skill development) programs for children and families with health and learning concerns who want to achieve a level of health they've never had before, and don't know where to start.

I believe we have a responsibility to take an active role in self care, because if we don't work on our health, no one else will.  Struggling to learn new skills, manage behaviour, drop weight or have lasting energy throughout the day?  Taking an active role self-care doesn't have to be so hard.

I believe health comes from the inside out.  It does not matter whether you suffer from learning or behaviour challenges, digestive upset, skin irritations, muscle imbalances or any other health concern.  With the right support, overcoming your health challenges is easier than you think.

I believe knowledge is power and should be shared.  By sharing what I know about nutrition, wellness and brain fitness, I offer you the opportunity to take control of your own health.  Make your health a reality and reach your full potential because we all deserve to enjoy life more fully.

Don't know where to start when it comes to overcoming learning and health challenges?

I know staying healthy takes time and commitment.  It's not about adopting the latest health trend or following the current crash's about getting back to the basics.  Move and nourish the body from the inside out to achieve a level of health you've never had before.

We don't tend to value our health until we start to lose it

I know you are busy and have tried lots of things that have not given you the health results you are looking for.  The internet is full of different advice on leaning, nutrition and health, making it difficult to understand and make sense of the information.

I know you are sick + tired of being sick + tired

Taking control of your health can be overwhelming.  I've been there.  I've struggled with my own health, looked for natural approaches to improving health and know it's easier to make your health a reality with the right guidance and support.

Staying healthy is a commitment.

We all struggle. We all have a history.

I value your journey

I offer my clients the opportunity to build their own path to wellness and create healthy habits so that they take charge of their own journey on2health.  Learn to reduce stress, improve eating habits, incorporate self-care strategies and develop new skills with ease; whether for school, business, athletics or personal development.

I value your time

I support my clients breakthrough the nutritional myths and avoid confusing information about food, learning, brain and body health.  Discover how to fuel your body, drop weight, gain energy, develop a fit brain, overcome learning challenges, reduce and eliminate your health complaints, regain health and enjoy life more fully.

I value your health

The human body is incredible and has a natural ability to heal.  I assist my clients achieve their own version of health by addressing the root cause of their learning, behaviour and health struggles.  Get back to basics and take simple steps and easy changes to your daily life.  Make your health a reality, look and feel great!

A little bit more about Anne...

I'm a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Brain Fitness Specialist, Health Educator and an on-the-go soccer mama.  Like you, I live a hectic life, tending to my family, friends and career.  I understand, all too clearly, what it is like to add health issues to the mix and do your best to juggle it all.

After years of struggling with digestive issues and skin conditions, I had a wake-up call in 2009 when a series of health events; a mis-diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, pinched nerves, herniated disc, chronic sciatica and mobility issues made daily life challenging and hard to do the simplest of activities.

Searching for a better way, fueled my desire to take control of my health.  I started eating for fuel and health, researching and adding supplements, cleanses and essential oils to help, along with spiritual development, self-help, sensory motor skill development therapy and nutrition ...all in search of knowledge and health. 

Strategies to regain brain and body health.  Know-how to re-train the brain, improve eating habits, look and feel great.  Knowledge to take charge, re-gain my health and enjoy life more fully. In a nutshell, seeking to make health a reality with fewer struggles.  And I know, I am not the only one.

I'm here to support you on your journey on2health and guide you in transforming learning and health challenges into strengths.

I have worked with children and adults, helping them change their habits and take healthy back through nutrition education, brain fitness and natural health products. I’m sharing it all, so you can have it too.

I believe health is achievable by getting back to basics and taking an active role in self-care.

I believe knowledge is power and should be shared.

I believe health comes from the inside out.


If I’m not working or taking courses to further my knowledge in health and wellness, you’ll find me on Pinterest, or outside tending to my frogs, spending time with my family or on the soccer field - I’m a soccer mama.  If you happen to find a funky frog lawn ornament, let me know ASAP as I’d love to add it to my collection.