Does the word "diet" make you cringe?

Do you want to improve your health?

Are you ready for change?


The bottom line is that you don't have to completely overhaul your diet or lifestyle to improve your health.

One simple change can have a big impact.

Let's help you get your health back on track, so you can make sutainable changes you can live with and be happy about. 

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Get ready to learn simple step-by-step strategies that you can easily implement. 

Whether your intention is to eat food without feeling deprived, rev up your metabolism, balance your blood sugar or finally feel comfortable with how you look and feel, then the Nutrition 101 crash course is for you.  I've got it all planned out for you, making it as EASY as possible to fuel your body, change your habits, live healthier and love it!  

Clear the overwhelm, push the reset button with your health and recharge.  

Change your habits. Change your health.



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Nutrition 101 Guide & Education Straight to your Inbox - Get your health back on track with this step by step plan.  Ebook, videos, and emails filled with great tips to building better nutrition and health habits into your life.  Makes creating new habits easy, quick and fun!

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Assessments & Charts  - Track what you eat - discover what foods make you feel full, focused and energized.  Saliva pH test (acidic or alkaline) - shed light on how your doing in your quest for health.  Use the Acid and Alkaline food chart to rejuvenate your health!

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Recipe Guide -Jam packed full of delicious and nutritious recipe ideas - everything from breakfast to dessert. Quick, tasty, easy to prepare recipes and takes little time to make. These recipes help you make smart choices and is your trusted guide to healthy eating!

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BONUS - Essential Oil Starter Kit -  A 100% natural solution that is easy to use, works within minutes for everyday annoyances:  headaches, cold and coughs, digestive discomfort, skin irritations, pain, mood and more.  Reinvent health at home with free essential oil classes.

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"Thanks Anne!  You taught me simple strategies that helped me get my health back and lose 50+ pounds!!! 

And I LOVE the essential oils! They are a natural and effective alternative to over the counter products. I use them daily.

Feeling awesome and looking great!"


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You might see that we do things differently here

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Anne Chaplinsky, CNP

Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Brain Fitness Specialist, Health Educator

"I see everyday, people living their lives day in and day out, wanting to eat better, wanting to take better care of themselves, though they don't know where to look for reliable information, so they just keep doing what they're doing - and feeling the same way, day after day.  Most people do not know how good they could feel.  I'm here to change that!" 

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Take your first step to better health

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NUTRITION 101 Crash Course: a healthier life starts here…

  • Kitchen Clean out & Get started with real food

  • pH 101: acid-alkaline balance & your health

  • Saliva pH (acidic or alkaline), how to test and why

  • Why include plant based foods in your diet?

  • Supplements: Your Natural Health Boosters

  • Essential Oils - Be Prepared for Life's Little Health Emergencies

  • Wonders of water

  • Get your nutrition back on track with macronutrients

  • Eat foods you enjoy in the right portion sizes

  • Tips to curb carb cravings

  • Choosing carbs wisely

  • Simple meal planning guidelines

  • Grocery shopping made easy

  • Eating on the go!

  • Self Care techniques - oil pulling & tongue scraping

  • The human body - an incredible machine

Nutrition 101
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This Nutrition 101 crash course was not created to be restrictive, painful, must-do-100% to get results program.  15 habits that you and your family can take on to make a lasting change in both how you eat, how you feel and how you manage your health at home.  Remember, small simple steps.  Don't feel obligated to take on all 15 at once.  Experiment and see what works.  If it feels restrictive and hard, then that is not going to allow you to change your habits or change your health.


I want you to achieve health.  I want you to see amazing results in unexpected areas.  I want you to build better nutrition habits and change your health.  I want you to gain knowledge that will last you a lifetime.  I want you to look and feel great!

Even if you don't believe this will change your life, if you're willing to start this amazing journey, just give it 15 simple steps, DO IT. It's that simple. 

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Nutrition 101
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