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Veg Pledge Challenge


In this 10 day Veggie Pledge Challenge, we will make a simple changes to our habits for a healthier lifestyle.  And we will pledge to vedge, as in vedging out, bringing greater peace and calmer relationships to our lives.  

Are you ready to get:

  •  insight on why you crave foods
  •  ways to make sleep more peaceful
  •  get suggestions on finding deeper meaning in your life
  •  learn why many leave veggies out
  •  insight around your cravings for meat
  •  and more

This 10 day challenge arms you with tools to replace unhealthy choices with healthier options.  You will receive daily emails with tips and recommendations - read them thoroughly! I am here to support you 100% along the way. 

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Get ready to change your habits and change your health.

Grab a partner, invite your family & friends to join the challenge too - the more the merrier!



Anne Chaplinsky, CNP

Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Brain Fitness Specialist, Health Educator


Creator of the Nutrition 101 Crash Course & 10 day Veg Pledge Challenge


P.S.  Watch your inbox tommorrow for your health and wellness goodies!